Providence, RI:

Motif Magazine

Motif Magazine is dedicated to the arts and entertainment in RI and surrounding areas, and to bringing readers alternative local news about subjects of all kinds.

Motif was founded by Jim Vickers in 2004 to help bring to light some of the amazing music, arts and culture happening around Rhode Island that was escaping coverage by the media.

Since December 2012, Motif has been published by Mike Ryan, who is focusing on making the listings and coverage as comprehensive as possible – online and on paper.

Motif is a free paper, supported in its mission by generous advertisers, and distributed monthly to over 1,000 locations around RI.

** Publication Day: Twice Monthly Base Circulation: 21,000 Audited Circulation: N/A Single-issue Readership: 55,000 4-issue Cume Readership: N/A

Unique Visitors: n/a Page Views: n/a

Audit/Readership Sources: PRINT: Publisher supplied, January 2018 ONLINE: Google Analytics, January 2018