Charlottesville, VA:

C-Ville Weekly

C-VILLE Weekly is Charlottesville's leading newspaper. Founded in 1989, it's been the area's local source for informative (and informed) stories in news, arts, and living for more than 25 years. C-VILLE Weekly reaches over 60,000 readers with 23,000 weekly copies and a website that averages over 80,000 unique visitors per week. Readers of C-VILLE look to us for clear, magazine-quality writing, the best arts coverage in town, comprehensive food and entertainment listings and sharp design. We're a thoughtful, considerate, and accurate voice in the community.

No teacher's pets, no scared cows. Want your message t reach everybody, from news makers and artists to students and working families? C-VILLE's got you covered!

Publication Day: Wednesday
Base Circulation: 23,000
Audited Circulation: 20,809
Single-issue Readership: 28,000
4-issue Cume Readership: 60,000

Unique Visitors: 84,203
Page Views: 123,704

Audit/Readership Sources:
PRINT: The Media Audit (Nov - Dec 2009),
Circulation Verification Council (June 30, 2017)
ONLINE: Google Analytics (January 2017)