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Eugene Weekly's 86,000 readers pick up EW , they know they're guaranteed an engaging read that challenges the status quo and propels their active lifestyle. Founded in 1982, EW has become an institution in Oregon's second largest city -- a happening university town that prides itself on small-town ambiance and big-city tastes.

EW's award-winning journalists comb the area, looking for the hottest stories on everything from the environment to education, from pop culture to politics. Residents and visitors alike enjoy EW's quarterly restaurant guide Chow! and unique sections on festivals, music, wine, health, and travel.

Eugene Weekly claims to be the only non-metropolitan alternative newsweekly to service two flagship state universities: University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

Publication Day: Thursday
Base Circulation: 38,000
Audited Circulation: 34,089
Single-issue Readership: 50,582
4-issue Cume Readership: 86,160

Unique Visitors: 140,000
Page Views: 300,000

Audit/Readership Sources:
PRINT: The Media Audit (June 2013),
Verified Audit Circulation (Dec 31, 2015)
ONLINE: Google Analytics (Aug 2013)